The Wirelesss Programme Hour%One 05 April

Music played in this programme included the records listed below with approximate broadcast times. This list may not be complete, there may have been extra records played that we do not have the information about

15:04 I Can’t Tell a Waltz From a Tango by Alma Cogan

15:07 You’re As Pretty As A Picture by Geraldo and his Orchestra and Al Bowlly

15:10 Who Is That Man by Tommy Handley

15:14 Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer by Ambrose and his Orchestra and Anne Shelton

15:17 True Love by Bing Crosby

15:20 Let’s Do It by Mary Martin

15:23 If You Love Me by Eve Boswell

15:27 Unforgettable by Nat King Cole

15:31 Learnin’ The Blues by Frank Sinatra

15:36 It’s Foolish but it’s Fun by Deanna Durbin and Charles Previn and his Orchestra

15:39 Rachel by Al Martino

15:42 A Sky Blue Shirt and a Rainbow Tie by Norman Brooks

15:47 Our Day Will Come by Doris Day

15:50 Come A Long A Love by Kay Starr

15:53 As time goes by by Carroll Gibbons and her Orchestra and Carroll Gibbons

15:56 Lili Marlene by Lale Anderson

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Gerry is a presenter on the Wireless Programme.
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