Vintage Melodies 11 August

Music played in this programme included the records listed below with approximate broadcast times.

06:03 Good Good Good by Joe Loss

06:06 I’ll Be Seeing You by Anne Shelton and Ambrose and his Orchestra

06:09 Everything Stops For Tea by Jack Buchanan

06:11 Johnson Rag by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra

06:14 The Boy Next Door by Judy Garland

06:17 The Ballad Of Davy Crockett by Bill Hayes

06:19 Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford

06:23 I Raised My Hat by Stanley Barnett and Madame Tussaurds Orch. and Phyllis Robins

06:25 Bless You by Archie Lewis and Geraldo Strings

06:28 London Pride by Noel Coward

06:32 Dream by Frank Sinatra

06:35 Bell Bottom Trousers by Jack Payne

06:38 Arrividerci Darling by Edna Savage

06:40 This Is The Army, Mr Jones by Irving Berlin

06:44 The Navy’s Here by Chick Henderson

06:47 Everything Stops For A Cup Of Tea by Jack Buchannon

06:50 The Shifting Whispering Sands by Eamon Andrews

06:57 I Didn’t Really Never Oughter ‘ave Went by Doris Hare

07:03 Two Very Ordinary People by Flanagan And Allen

07:07 There’ll Always Be An England by Monte Rey and Joe Loss and his Band

07:10 It had to be you by Helen Forrest and Dick Haymes

07:14 I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles by Nat Gonella and his Georgians and Stella Moya

07:17 Love Somebody by Doris Day and Buddy Clark

07:20 Lady Fair by The Anything Goes Foursome

07:23 Jingle Jangle Jingle by Nat Gonnella and Chorus

07:27 Isnt Life Wonderful by Alma Cogan and Les Howard

07:29 Do You Care? by Dorophy Carless

07:32 I’m Gonna get lit up by Joe Loss and his Orchestra and Elizabeth Batey

07:35 You Always Hurt The One You Love by The Mills Brothers

07:39 My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time by Vera Lynn

07:42 You are my sunshine by Marjorie Kingsley and Harry Roy and Renee Lister

07:45 Join In And Sing Again by Johnston Brothers

07:51 Amapola by Deanna Durbin

07:53 The Woody Woodpecker Song by Danny Kaye and The Andrews Sisters

07:57 Homecoming Waltz by Donald Peers

08:03 Ma I Miss Your Apple Pie by Billy Cotton and Alan Breeze

08:06 Portrait of Jennie by Paul Adam and his Mayfair Music and Frank Holmes

08:09 Old Pianna Rag by Dickie Valentine

08:11 Laura by Dick Haymes

08:14 I’ve heard that tune before by Harry James and his Orchestra and Helen Forrest

08:17 There Goes That Song Again by Anne Shelton and Arthur Young and his Orchestra

08:20 Here Comes The Sandman by Elsie Carlisle

08:24 Stay As Sweet As You Are by Sam Browne and Ambrose and his Orchestra

08:27 Far away places by Oscar Rabin and his Band and Bob Dale

08:31 American Patrol by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra

08:34 Yellow Rose Of Texas by Gary Miller

08:36 Blues In The Night by Dinah Shore

08:40 Hold Me by Jack Hylton and Pat O’Malley

08:43 Kiss by Dean Martin

08:46 It’s Almost Tomorrow by Dream Weavers

08:49 Hey Little Hen by Joe Loss and Irene Johnson and the Loss Chords

08:52 Learnin’ The Blues by Frank Sinatra

08:55 I Miss You In The Morning by Geraldo

08:58 We’re In The Money by Dick Powell

09:03 My Very Good Friend, The Milkman by Fats Waller and his Rhythm

09:08 Get In Your Shelter by Arthur Askey

09:11 Down Forget-Me-Not Lane by Flanagan And Allen

09:16 The band Played On by Lombardo Trio and Kenny Gardner

09:18 I’ll Dance At Your Wedding by Buddy Clark

09:22 Sweep by Henry Hall and Les Allen

09:24 Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? by Ben Bernie and Chorus

09:28 Stage Coach by Eric Winstone and his band

09:31 Somewhere In France With You by Joe Loss and his Band

09:34 Deep Purple by Hutch

09:37 Hut Sut Song by Freddy Martin and Eddie Stone

09:40 Major And Minor Stomp by Jimmy Dorsey and his Orch.

09:43 You’re The Top by Cole Porter

09:47 Daddy by Geraldo and his Orchestra and Dorothy Carless

09:51 Lili Marlene by Vera Lynn

09:54 Band Of Gold by Don Cherry

09:56 You’re An Old Smoothie by Debroy Somers and Dan Donovan

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