Vintage Melodies 14 July

Music played in this programme included the records listed below with approximate broadcast times.

06:03 Gotta Have Something In The Bank Frank by Frankie Vaughan & The Kaye Sisters

06:05 Powder your face with sunshine by Donald Peers

06:08 Lillie Marlene by Anne Shelton and Sanley Black and his Orchestra

06:10 Run, Rabbbit, Run by Flanagan And Allen

06:13 Run Rabit Run by Harry Roy and His Band and The Roylets

06:14 It’s a Hap-hap-happy Day by Josephine Bradley

06:17 Ferryboat Serenade by Andrews Sisters

06:21 The Fleet’s In Port Again by Alan Breeze and Billy Cotton and his Band

06:24 Can’t I by Nat King Cole

06:27 This is the Army Mr Jones by Ambrose and his Orchestra and Jack Cooper

06:30 Racing With The Moon by Vaughn Monroe

06:33 A Nightingale Sang In Berkerley Square by Joe Loss and Paula Greene

06:36 I Walked In ( With Eyes Wide Open ) by Eric Winstone and his band and Benny Lea

06:39 I remember you by Jo Stafford

06:43 Bells Of St Mary’s by Archie Lewis

06:46 The Home – Coming Waltz by Ivy Benson

06:50 Buttons And Bows by Dinah Shore

06:52 This Is The Army, Mr Jones by Irving Berlin

06:54 Mad Dogs And Englishmen by Noel Coward

06:57 A House With Love In It by Vera Lynn

07:03 Deep Purple by Turner Layton

07:06 Glendora by Perry Como

07:09 Milk Man Keep Those Bottles Quiet by Ella Mae Morse

07:12 Don’t Be A Baby by Geraldo

07:16 Marie by Al Bowlly

07:18 All Through the Day by Margeret Whiting

07:21 We’ll Be Together Again by Pied Pipers

07:25 Jealousy by Geraldo and his Orchestra

07:28 Tears On My Pillow by Harry Roy

07:31 Girl in the wood by Frankie Laine

07:34 The Peanut Vendor by BBC Dance Orch. and Jack Payne

07:36 I Wished On The Moon by Billie Holiday and Teddy Wilson and his Orch.

07:39 Fools Rush In by Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey

07:43 In Love In Vain by Margaret Whiting

07:46 Let’s Have A Ball (Medley) by Winifred Atwell

07:51 Love Me Or Leave Me by Sammy Davis Jnr

07:54 Skylark by Eric Winstone and Alan Kane

07:57 On The Sunny Side Of The Street by Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra

08:03 I’m Always Chasing Rainbows by Paul Fenoulhet and his Skyrockets

08:07 I’ll Always Be With You by Leslie “Hutch” Hutchinson

08:10 Choo Choo Special by Eric Winstone and his Orchestra

08:14 Fascinating Rhythm by Cliff Edwards with his Ukuele and Adrian Rollini

08:17 You Call Everybody Darling by Al Trace

08:20 (We’re Gonna Hang Out) The Washing On The Siegfrie by Flanagan And Allen and Flanagan And Allen

08:23 There’s A Small Hotel by Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon

08:27 How Do You Speak to an Angel by Dean Martin

08:29 This Is No Laughing Matter by Glenn Miller and Ray Eberle

08:32 Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major by Billy Cotton and his Band

08:35 The Breeze And I by Jimmy Dorsey and Bob Elerly

08:38 Please Don’t Say No ( Say Maybe ) by Paul Fenoulhet and the Skyrockets

08:41 Promises by Seve Conway

08:44 There I’ve Said It Again by Issy Bonn

08:48 To Each His Own by The Ink Spots

08:51 I’m Gettin’ Sentimental Over You by Ivy Benson and Her Girls’ Band

08:55 Letting In The Sunshine by Bertini and the Tower,Blackpool Dance Band

08:57 Night and Day by Anne Shelton

09:03 Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me “Goodbye” by Gracie Fields

09:06 Sweet Leilani by Bing Crosby

09:09 Nagasaki by Valaida

09:12 Be Carefull, It’s My Heart by Turner Layton

09:15 We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn

09:18 In The Land Of Beginning Again by Archie Lewis and The Geraldo Stings

09:21 If Anything Happened To Yo by Al Bowlly

09:25 A String Of Pearls by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra

09:28 They Say It’s Wonderful by Perry Como

09:31 I’m Thinking Tonight of my Blue Eyes by Harry Roy and his Orchestra and Harry Roy

09:34 You’re breaking my heart by Vic Damone

09:38 Dream by Geraldo and his Orchestra and Quintette

09:41 Sand In My Shoes by Hutch (Leslie Hutchinson)

09:45 There Must Be a Reason by Frankie Laine

09:48 Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar by Andrews Sisters

09:51 Faithful Forever by Carmen Lombardo and Guy Lombardo

09:54 Wonderful Wonderful by Gary Miller

09:57 Say A Prayer for The Boys Over Here by Deanna Durbin and Victor Young and his Orchestra

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