The Wirelesss Programme Hour One 12 August

Music played in this programme included the records listed below with approximate broadcast times. This list may not be complete, there may have been extra records played that we do not have the information about

15:07 The Threepenny Opera Theme by Billy Vaughn

15:10 Side Saddle by Russ Conway

15:15 Jimmy Unknown by Lita Roza

15:19 Its a Wondeful World by Peggy Lee

15:20 Its a Wondeful World by Peggy Lee

15:21 Under The Bridges Of Paris by Dean Martin

15:24 Always In My Heart by Geraldo and his Orchestra and Georgina

15:28 Zing a little zong by Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman

15:35 Song Of The Volga Boatmen by Glenn Miller

15:40 Poor People Of Paris by Winifred Atwell

15:44 I Know Why by Eric Winstone and Julie Dawn

15:47 With Your Love by Malcolm Vaughan

15:50 The Great Pretender by Jimmy Parkinson

15:54 As time goes by by Dooley Wilson

15:57 Someone to watch over me by Larry Adler

Barbara Dignan

About Barbara Dignan

Barbara Dignan presents the Wireless Programme and Oldham Today programmes.
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