Listed below are some of our presenters.

There are other volunteers, presenters and contributors who are not listed on this website yet.

All our presenters are volunteers.

You can read further information about the presenters and information about their shows by clicking on their names below

Gerald Brierley

Gerald presents Oldham Today normally on Tuesdays.

Arthur Chorley

Arthur hosts the studio end of our rugby broadcasts and does much other work behind the scenes at Oldham Community Radio.

Phil Edmonds

Phil Edmonds mainly works behind the scenes looking after all our technical matters, but can be heard making the occasional 'on-air' appearance.

Walter Maybe

Walter is one of the Wireless Programme Presenters.

Ali O'Brien

Ali has been involved with folk music for over 30 years – quite apart from presenting Sounds of Folk for almost 9 years – enjoying performances of numerous artists, singing traditional songs unaccompanied, running a folk club in the Saddleworth area, director of Saddleworth Folk Festival for 12 years, and MCing at festivals all across the North West.

Barbara Dignan

Barbara Dignan presents the Wireless Programme and Oldham Today programmes.

Clarence Bennett

Clarence plays the best in 60s and 70s Soul, Motown and Ska, has been a DJ since 1967 as is well known in the Soul scene around the Manchester Area.

Dave McGealy

Dave McGealy is our station manager and also presents 'A Chance to Meet' and is a regular presenter of Oldham Today.

Ged Tasker

Ged Tasker present the Wireless Programme

Gerry Dignan

Gerry is a presenter on the Wireless Programme.

Gilbert Symes

Gilbert presents the 'Community Brass' programme he started playing at the age of just 8 with the Delph Band, and later went on to perform with some of the best bands in the country.

John Mann

John Mann presents the Melodic 1950's programme.


Moses presents 'Caribbean Rhythms' which can be heard on Sunday evenings at 8pm.

Colin Wilding

Colin was Born in 1944, Married to Pauline with Children and Grandchildren, he presents The Wireless Programme on Thursdays.

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