The Wirelesss Programme 14 June

Music played in this programme included the records listed below with approximate broadcast times. This list may not be complete, there may have been extra records played that we do not have the information about

14:04 Every Day Of My Life by Malcolm Vaughan

14:07 Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford

14:10 I Had The Craziest Dream by Harry James and his Orchestra and Helen Forrest

14:15 Chain Gang by Jimmy Young

14:18 All my loving by Matt Monroe

14:22 Its Only a Paper Moo by Nat King Cole

14:24 Its Only a Paper Moo by Nat King Cole

14:29 Our Song by Dorothy Squires

14:32 The Threepenny Opera Theme by Billy Vaughn

14:39 Give Her My Love (When You Meet Her) by Johnston Brothers

14:41 Give Her My Love (When You Meet Her) by Johnston Brothers

14:41 South American Joe by Harry Roy

14:45 Skyliner by Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra

14:48 I Never Mention Your Name (Oh No) by Dick Haymes and the Song Spinners

14:52 Marie by Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra and Jack Leonard

14:55 Look at that girl by Frankie Vaughan

14:57 Jimmy Unknown by Lita Roza

15:03 I’m An Old Cowhand by Bing Crosby

15:06 Id Love To Fall Asleep by Penny Nichols

15:13 Poor People Of Paris by Winifred Atwell

15:19 Ive got you under my skin by Frank Sinatra

15:25 Give a fool a Chance by Alma Cogan

15:28 Tico Tico by Ethel Smith and Bando Carioca

15:32 The Italian Theme by Cyril Stapleton

15:35 All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm by Judy Garland and Victor Young and his Orchestra

15:39 They Can’t Take that Away From Me by Roy Fox and Denny Dennis

15:44 The Man With The Golden Arm by Billy May And His Orchestra

15:49 I May never Pass This way again by Dennis Lotus

15:52 Mangos by Jill Day

15:55 Strange Lady In Town by Frankie Laine

15:57 Young And Foolish by Edmund Hockridge

16:03 Mountain Greenery by Mel Torme

16:06 A Tear Fell by Teresa Brewer

16:09 Take my heart by Al Martino

16:17 I Walked Right In by Eric Winstone and his band

16:20 I Walked Right In by Eric Winstone and his band

16:22 For all we know by Nat King Cole

16:26 Misty by Dakota Staton

16:29 Portrait of my love by Matt Monroe

16:34 Mr Sandman by Max Bygraves

16:36 3 Coins in a Fountain by 4 Aces

16:40 The Happy Whistler by Don Robertson

16:44 The Great Pretender by Jimmy Parkinson

16:46 Tumbling Tumbleweeds by Slim Whitman

16:50 Be My Girl by Jim Dale

16:52 The Nearness Of You by Ray Eberle and Glenn Miller

16:56 Ivory Tower by Three Kaye Sisters

16:58 The Eyes of The World Are On You by Louis Levy and his Gaumont-British Symphony

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