The Wirelesss Programme 26 January

Music played in this programme included the records listed below with approximate broadcast times. This list may not be complete, there may have been extra records played that we do not have the information about

14:03 Its Only a Paper Moo by Nat King Cole

14:08 American Patrol by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra

14:12 You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra

14:18 Butterflies In The Rain by Sam Browne and Ambrose and his Orchestra

14:22 Let’s Face The Music And Dance by Fred Astaire and Johnny Green and his Orch.

14:26 Moon At Sea by Ronnie Munro and his Orch.

14:30 Gal With The Yaller Shoes by Michael Holliday

14:33 An Affair To Remember by Vic Damone

14:37 Maybe by Ink Spots

14:40 In The Middle Of The House by Alma Cogan

14:44 That Old Devil calle by Billie Holiday

14:46 That Old Devil calle by Billie Holiday

14:48 Toodle-Oo by Brian Lawrence

14:51 On The Atchinson, Topeka And The Fe by Harry Roy

14:54 Arrivederci Darling by Anne Shelton

14:57 Born To Be With You by Cordettes

15:03 My Song Goes Round The World by Joseph Schmidt

15:06 Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major by Billy Cotton and his Band

15:10 Sweet Stuff by Guy Mitchell

15:13 May You Always by Joan Regan

15:19 It’s The Talk Of The Town by Connee Boswell

15:24 Flirtation waltz by Winifred Atwell

15:27 Skyliner by Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra

15:30 The Day That The Rains Came by Jones Boy

15:35 Don’t Worry by Johnny Brandon

15:38 Young And Foolish by Ronnie Hilton

15:43 Begin the beguine by Julio Iglesias

15:49 Zing a little zong by Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman

15:53 For all we know by June Christy

15:56 Thats Me Without You by Sonny James

15:58 In the mood by Glenn Miller

16:03 It’s Turned Out Nice Again by George Formby

16:06 In A Shady Nook (By A Babbling Brook) by Donald Peers

16:14 I Fall In Love To Easily by Steve Conway

16:18 Lazybones by The Mills Brothers

16:23 Who Is That Man by Tommy Handley

16:26 Dinner At Eight by Ben Selvin and Helen Rowland

16:29 Hey There by Johnnie Ray

16:32 Honeysuckle Rose by Fats Waller

16:36 Sophisticated Lady by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

16:40 Sophisticated Lady by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra

16:42 You Me and Us by Alma Cogan

16:44 You’ll Never Know by Dick Haymes

16:47 Faith can move mountains by Jimmy Young

16:50 Mangos by Rosemary Clooney

16:53 Mr. Wonderful by Peggy Lee

16:56 Mr. Wonderful by Peggy Lee

16:56 A Pair Of Silver Wings by Anne Shelton

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