Vintage Melodies 09 April

Music played in this programme included the records listed below with approximate broadcast times.

06:03 I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night by Frank Sinatra

06:05 ******************** by New Audio : 13074 and ********************

06:10 It’s A Loverly Day Tomorrow by Vera Lynn and Arthur Young

06:13 Everynight about this Time by The Ink Spots

06:16 Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer by Anne Shelton

06:19 A Blossom Fell by Nat King Cole

06:21 How Deep Is The Ocean? by Sam Browne and Ambrose and his “Blue Lyres”

06:25 Tuxedo Junction by Glenn Miller

06:28 Young And Foolish by Dean Martin

06:29 Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition by Harry Kaye and Joe Loss and his Orchestra

06:32 I’ll Always Be With You by Leslie “Hutch” Hutchinson

06:35 The World Will Sing Again by Betty Driver and Harry Roy and his Orchestra

06:39 Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree by Geraldo and his Orchestra

06:42 I’m Always Chasing Rainbows by Paul Fenoulhet and his Skyrockets

06:46 Johnson Rag by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra

06:49 The Last Round-Up by Gene Autry

06:52 In A Little Spanish Town by Bing Crosby

06:54 One Meat Ball by The Andrew Sisters

06:57 As Time Goes By by Dooley Wilson and Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart

07:03 boogie Woogie by Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra

07:07 A Tree In A Meadow by Margaret Whiting

07:09 Easy Come, Easy Go by Lew Stone and Al Bowlly

07:13 I Walked In ( With Eyes Wide Open ) by Eric Winstone and his band and Benny Lea

07:16 High noon by Frankie Laine

07:19 Don’t Blame Me by Hutch

07:22 I Hadn’t Anyone Till You by Tony Martin and Ray Noble and his Orchestra

07:26 Obey Your Air Raid Warden by Tony Pastor

07:29 Me And My Girl by Jack Cooper and Ronnie Munro and his Orchestra

07:31 My British Buddy by Irving Berlin

07:34 Thank You So Much, Mrs. Lowsborough – Goodbye by Cole Porter

07:36 Begin the beguine by Artie Shaw and his Orchestra

07:40 Little Drummer Boy by Elsie Carlisle

07:42 Flat foot Floogie with the Floy Floy by Nat Gonnella and his Georgians

07:46 Guilty by Margeret Whiting

07:49 Do You Care? by Dorothy Carless

07:53 Music, Meastro Please by Fats Waller and his Continental Rhythm

07:56 Jingle Jangle Jingle by Nat Gonnella and Chorus

07:59 Say A Prayer For The Boys Over There by Deanna Durbin

08:57 Now and Forever by Freddy Martin and his Orchestra/Artie Wayne

09:03 The Spitfire Song by Sam Browne and Joe Loss and his Orchestra

09:06 Small Fry by Bing Crosby and Johnny Mercer

09:10 Two Sleepy People by Al Bowlly

09:13 Mother nature and father time by Nat King Cole

09:17 Jersey Bounce by The Squadronaires and Jimmy Miller

09:19 It’s D’Lovely by Geraldo and his Orchestra

09:22 Burgle Call Rag by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra

09:26 I’ll Never Smile Again, Until I Smile At You by Frank Sinatra

09:29 Pennsylvania Polka by The Organ,The Dance Band and Me and Julie Dawn

09:31 Pennsylvanna Polka by Andrews Sisters

09:33 Choo Choo Special by Eric Winstone and his Orchestra

09:37 Poor Little Angeline by Jay Wilbur and Vera Lynn

09:40 Please Don’t Say No ( Say Maybe ) by Paul Fenoulhet and the Skyrockets

09:43 It’s A Pity to Say Goodnight by Ella Fitzgerald

09:47 Down and Out Blues by Jimmy Mesene

09:50 Don’t Sweetheart Me by Donald Peers

09:53 Pennies From Heaven by Arthur Tracy

09:56 Till The Lights Of London Shine Again by Chick Henderson

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