The Wirelesss Programme 18 October

Music played in this programme included the records listed below with approximate broadcast times. This list may not be complete, there may have been extra records played that we do not have the information about

14:02 I’ll Never Stop Loving You by Doris Day

14:06 Marie by Al Bowlly

14:09 Dreamboat by Alma Cogan

14:11 Tenderly by Rosemary Clooney

14:16 I’ll Be Seeing You by Vera Lynn

14:20 Only You by Platters

14:23 Night and Day by Anne Shelton

14:27 When The Cafe Lights Were Low by Larry Brennan and Winter Gardens Dance Band Blackpool

14:29 When The Cafe Lights Were Low by Larry Brennan and Winter Gardens Dance Band Blackpool

14:31 In The sweet Long Ago by Eddie Carroll and The Casani Club Orch.

14:34 Now and Forever by Freddy Martin and his Orchestra and Artie Wayne

14:38 Ive Got My Love To Keep Me Warm by Dean Martin

14:41 Someone’s Rocking my Dreamboat by Eric Winstone and his band and Alan Kane

14:44 My Guy’s Come Back by Ted Heath Orchestra

14:48 May You Always by Joan Regan

14:51 Let him go let him tarry by Nat Gonella Orchestra

14:55 Standing On The Corner by The Four Lads

14:57 Chatanooga Choo Choo by Johnny Claes and his Band and Irene King and Benny Lee

15:03 Hot Diggity by Michael Holiday

15:06 I wish you love by Bing Crosby

15:10 Greenback Dollar by Chas McDevitt and Nancy Whiskey

15:12 There I’ve Said It Again by Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra and The Norton Sisters

15:22 Out Of Town by Max Bygraves

15:24 Out Of Town by Max Bygraves

15:26 Lonely Ballerina by Lee Lawrence

15:29 A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening by Victor Silvester

15:33 Anyone who had a heart by Cilla Black

15:37 Portugese Washerwoman by Joe Fingers Carr

15:41 The Faithful Hussar by Ted Heath & His Music

15:44 Concerto For Druma by Geraldo and his Orchestra

15:47 As Time Goes By by Dooley Wilson

15:50 You Can’t Be True To Two by Dave King

15:53 No One but You by Billy Eckstine

15:56 No One but You by Billy Eckstine

15:57 Willie Can by Beverley Sisters

16:06 Manhattan by Ella Fitzgerald

16:10 Dreams Can Tell A Lie by Nat King Cole

16:15 The isle of Innisfree by Bing Crosby

16:16 The isle of Innisfree by Bing Crosby

16:18 For all we know by June Christy

16:22 Night and Day by Frank Sinatra

16:26 Rachel by Al Martino

16:27 Rachel by Al Martino

16:35 Walk Hand In Hand by Tony Martin

16:39 Little Man You’ve Had A Busy day by Henry Hall and Kitty Masters

16:46 It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie by Vera Lynn

16:50 Under The Bridges Of Paris by Dean Martin

16:53 Veni Vidi Vici by Ronnie Hilton

16:56 Sadie’s Shawl by Frank Cordell

16:58 Girls Were Made To Love And Kiss by Richard Tauber

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