We are a Community Radio station that targets the many varied communities that live and work in the Oldham Metropolitan Borough area.

Community Radio stations are different from the BBC and Commerical Radio. We are a not­for­profit organisation, that must provide “social gain”, opportunities for individuals to be involved and widen listener choice.

The key difference in our output compared to other radio stations is how our programmes reach a wide cross section of our community through regular programme strands. We
“narrowcast”, rather than “broadcast” to many different people, resulting in a wide range of “appointment to listen” programmes.


Since 1994 we have broadcast a series of 9 short term trial ‘RSL’ broadcasts each developing the “narrowcasting” programme format, which led to the successful application for a full time broadcast licence.

Oldham Community Radio has been broadcasting full time since March 2007.

Some Quotes from Listeners

“The outstanding thing to me is that the presenters are great and you can really relate to them as normal people”, “When you turn on Oldham Community Radio it’s like meeting an old friend, not some DJ attempting to be smart”, “Your radio is bright light in the darkness when it comes to music for the more mature listener”, “All the jobs I hated doing in the kitchen, I now put your programme on, and sail through them.”, “You are all so friendly”.

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