Births, Marriages and Deaths

Launching in early 2021 – a new Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm service. A daily broadcast digest of births, marriages and deaths announcements on the award-winning local station.


Think of the traditional (some might say old) idea of newspaper classified personal announcements and bring the concept into truly accessible medium of local community radio to enable you to get your message out to a listenership across the Oldham borough (and beyond via online) at key points throughout the day and evening without hassle or delay – typically 24/48 hours from receipt to broadcast!


If someone wishes to place a notice of a birth, marriage or death, just complete a simple form on our website and pays the appropriate fee via our secure PayPal system. On receipt of the information, our production team will check for any errors and once approved for broadcast, the message will be recorded in our production studio and, within 48 hours will be included in our daily (Monday to Friday) “Oldham Today” magazine programme at approximately 10.10am and subsequently repeated at approximately 5.10pm and again, the following morning at approximately 5.10am. Messages will also be incorporated into our popular “Wireless Programme” Monday to Friday at approximately 3.10pm.
These packages will have a unique identity and reach that can only be guaranteed by community “narrowcasting”. Coupled with inclusion within the station’s Listen Again facility online, any messages will be heard by different audiences up to four times daily at least for a very competitive fee.


In line with regional print media, costs are calculated at £1.00 per complete word. There is a minimum order of 20 words (enough for a very basic information message). There is no upper limit on the number of words to allow you freedom of expression.

Prices are correct as at 1.1.21 and may be subject to change from time to time.

We will require payment in full via PayPal at time of ordering.


Order Form

To order please enter your message in the box below and press the ‘Buy Now’ button which will take you to the PayPal website to complete payment.
On this PayPal page you will be asked to enter the price you wish to pay.
Messages are charged at £1 per word, so please type the number of words of your message into this box on the PayPal page. (i.e. for 20 words enter £20, for 60 words enter £60)

We will be in touch to confirm any queries that arise before producing your message.

Your Message

After pressing the buy button please ensure on the next page you type the amount you wish to pay in pounds is matching the correct number of words of your message.
We are aware that this is not the most user friendly option and this will be improved in the future. We have opted to make use of the most basic payment system while we establish if there is demand for this new service, before we invest resources into more advanced software.

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