Programme Strands


No one expects TV schedules to be uniform in their content; they vary during the course of the day. Experience from our trial broacasts demonstrated that as long as the audience is aware of the variety and timing of programmes they will be tolerant of that variety and will return for their specific “programme strands of interest”.

They may also listen outside their initial preferred strands and our experience has demonstrated this to be the case. Each hour after the news and at other points during the day we play promotional trails that highlight the different programme strands.

The Wireless Programme

One of our most successful strands in terms of listener feedback. If you are old enough to have listened to “The Wireless” rather than the “radio” then this is for you. More than 1,500 individual music tracks from the pre­rock and roll era.

Specialist Music

We broadcast a mixture of genre’s, many of which have little coverage in other local media. Programmes feature diverse styles old and new including Folk, Country, Brass Bands, Rock and Roll, Classical, Dance, RnB, Hip Hop, Caribbean, Northern Soul, plus 1950’s and 1960s themed shows.

Oldham Today

This is takes a wider focus in a magazine style programme featuring news, people and events from around the town. Highlighting local events and news, with guests and discussions. We feature events and “what’s ons”, interviews both in studio and on the telephone on a variety of topics. It offers access to the airwaves to statuary authorities or community groups to highlight their services, achievements, aims etc. showcasing what they do.

A Chance to Meet

The “Chance to Meet” programme is a “Desert island Discs” style programme featuring local people. Chance to Meet guests have varied from politicians, local business leaders and celebrities to local people with interesting stories.

My Music

This weekly programme is a great success in providing community access to the broadcast service. We invite a listener each week to present an hour long programme featuring their choice of music while we provide a technical operator and basic guidance in presentation skills.

Bilingual Programmes

Oldham has a sizeable ethnic minority community, we are committed to further developing this strand from the current
music based offering to feature information and discussions meeting these communities needs.

Night Night Sleep Tight

We became aware of the need for a “Children’s Bed­Time Routine Programme” in 2007 when we discovered that a
number of young and pre school age children were staying up with their parents until they fell asleep on the sofa. We discovered that in a number of these cases the parents had little if any concept of what “a bed time routine” for their children should consist of. After researching the topic we concluded we could assist and the idea of “Night, Night; Sleep Tight” a radio programme that was to target this demographic and offer “support” to parents was born.


Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm has always had an excellent relationship with Oldham Rugby League Club. We have open access to the management, back­room staff, coaches and players for interviews whenever we want them. We have been fortunate enough to have been able to broadcast full match commentary of all Oldham’s home games and most of the clubs significant ‘away’ matches including 6 “Grand Final Play­off” games. we have provided “copy” for the club’s Matchday Magazine. We have also on occasions been able to ‘assist’ the club with its’ public address system.

Sunday Morning

On Sunday mornings we broadcast a programme called “My favourite hymns”. We hope in the future to work with local church groups to expand this programme from a music based broadcast to a wider religious programme featuring a church service broadcast.

Overnight Repeats

We recognise that there are many listeners, who for a variety of reasons are awake overnight. So overnight we repeat the previous days daytime programmes, while inserting the relevant live news bulletins from Sky News.

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