15th Anniversary Radiothon Crowdfunder

It’s the time of yewar when we ask for your kind support in our Annual fundraising radiothon

How to donate:


March 17th marks the 15th anniversary of Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm providing a 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year community broadcasting station across the borough.  As one the pioneering stations of its type, our not-for-profit organisation is run by volunteers.   We receive no funding from the licence fee and rely on listener support and small grants.   We provide a unique “narrowcasting” service reaching all the communities of Oldham through our regular programme strands.  

We have recently had our broadcasting licence renewed for a further five years by regulator Ofcom.  As with many organisations within the community sector, the past couple of years have been difficult but throughout covid crisis, Oldham Community Radio has provided a lifeline for many of its listeners.

We have running costs of tens of thousands of pounds a year to keep us on-air which need to be found by a mix of fundraising, grants, sponsorship from local businesses and organisations; however community radio is legally restricted with the amount of commercial advertising it can sell. That’s why we turn to our audience and others for their generous help during the year with what has become known as our annual Radiothon.  We urgently need to update some of our old equipment, much of which was new when the station opened its doors  a decade and a half ago and now is outdated and holds us back from providing news-gathering, outside broadcasts and special events.  

This year we have set up a Crowdfunding page in the hope that you can make a donation to help us remain viable at an important and exciting point in our history.


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