Fundraising Radiothon Week 2012

Oldham Community Radio Fundraising Radiothon Week 2012

The week commencing June 10th was Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm’s fund raising radiothon week.

Oldham Community Radio, like the around two hundred other community radio stations around the UK is an independent not for profit organisation operated and influenced by the communities they serve.

We are different to the BBC and Commercial radio stations.

Community Radio stations receives no money from the licence fee and are restricted in their commercial activities.

Oldham Community Radio has received a reduction in it’s grant funding meaning we need to raise more funds to maintain the service.

In many countries around the world community radio stations are funded by donations from their audience. Once or twice each year the community radio station asks it’s listeners to make a financial donation and those who can afford to make donations that enables the community radio station to pay it’s bills and remain viable.

Through the Oldham Community Radio fund-raising radiothon week we are asking you, our listeners who value our programmes to consider donating what ever amount you feel you are able to support us.

So can you help Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm remain viable by making a donation during this fund raising radiothon week, or by joining our “300 club lottery” which will be launching next week?

Donations can be made via Cheque, Credit or Debit Cards, PayPal or Bank transfer. Full details can be found here.


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