Launch of Oldham Community Radio 300 Club Lottery

The Oldham Community Radio 300 Club lottery is part of our fund-raising campaign.

Entry £1 per week
A maximum of 300 participants
6 chances to win per week
£100 prize every Friday
5 x £10 prizes Monday to Friday

Draw results will first be announced on-air at 10AM each morning, repeated throughout the day and on this page of the Oldham Community Radio website.

Download Oldham Community Radio 300 Club Lottery Application Pack in PDF format.
You will need to print this out, complete and sign, then post to us.

How do I enter?
To join you need to complete the Application form and return to us in the post. We require a paper copy as we need your signature to confirm entry and to authorise your standing order mandate if you opt to pay this way

How much will it cost?
Payment is monthly by standing order at a rate of £4.34 each month taken on the 1st of the month.

How do I know if I have won?
When we have processed your application form you will be issued with a confirmation and unique lottery number between 1 and 300, we will send you this via e-mail when possible. The prize draws will be broadcast on Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm, on our facebook page on on the website.

How do I claim a prize?
You do not have to do anything, if you are a winner we will send you a cheque in the post to the address you gave on your application form.

What happens when all 300 places are taken?
Initially we are only offering 300 places on a first come, first served basis. However we anticipate that we will create a second and third “300 club lottery” and we will allocate you a number from one of these and at this point process your payment.

How will the 300 club lottery help raise funds for Oldham Community Radio?
Each week the 300 club lottery will pay out £150 in prizes, additionally there are some small administrative costs in running the lottery, such as postage and lottery licence costs. The remaining proceeds from the lottery will be used to help fund the regular running costs of Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm.

Why does Oldham Community Radio need to raise funds?
Oldham Community Radio, like the other 240 community radio stations around the UK is an independent not for profit organisation operated and influenced by the communities they serve. We are different to the BBC and Commercial radio stations. Community Radio Stations receive no money from the licence fee and are restricted in their commercial activities.

The Oldham Community Radio 300 Club Lottery is registered with Oldham Council as a small society lottery.
Lottery registration number LOT0126. Promoter: D.McGealy

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